19 abr. 2012

HOWTO: invoke database functions in JPA Criteria Queries

In this post we'll see how to invoke database functions in a JPA Criteria Query. The CriteriaBuilder interface has a function() method:
* Create an expression for the execution of a database
* function.
* @param name function name
* @param type expected result type
* @param args function arguments
* @return expression
 Expression function(String name, Class type, Expression... args);
This method will return a plain criteria Expression that we can use as usual in our criteria query.

Let's see an example to perform accent-insensitive search using PostgreSQL's translate function:
public abstract class CriteriaBuilderHelper {

private static final String PG_TRANSLATE  = "translate";
private static final String PG_TRANSLATE_FROM  = "'áàâãäéèêëíìïóòôõöúùûüÁÀÂÃÄÉÈÊËÍÌÏÓÒÔÕÖÚÙÛÜçÇ'";
private static final String PG_TRANSLATE_TO  = "'aaaaaeeeeiiiooooouuuuAAAAAEEEEIIIOOOOOUUUUcC'";

private static final String WILDCARD = "%";

* @param cb the CriteriaBuilder to use
* @param value the value to translate
* @return Expression<String>
public static Expression functionAccentInsensitivePostgres(CriteriaBuilder cb, String value) {
return cb.function(
cb.lower(cb.literal(WILDCARD + value + WILDCARD)),

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